Professional social media content curation service. Let us do the work.

Professionalise your content overnight.

Don't have time for daily content curation but your organisation DOES need to produce highly engaging posts every day? Mentia Pro is your best bet.

Custom Set Up

We set keywords based on your business, so we can find the most relevant content.

Popular Content

We filter the most popular content on social media, with your audience.

Inspiration. Forever.

Weekly (or daily) supply of great content that you can use, rewrite or take as inspiration.

See how we can supply content to your business?

High Quality Report

Custom made to your needs, delivered in your mailbox.

You will receive a weekly report that will hold all the content you’ll need:

  • Content pieces that engaged a lot with your audience
  • Topics based on interest and engagement
  • Keywords to drive SEO with your social media efforts

Use this report to drive your content- and social media marketing to a higher level, and execute content on social media immediately.

pricing mentia pro


Mentia is a free tool. (you can register here if you did not already)

With Mentia Pro, a marketing specialist takes control of your account and supplies the most engaging content, topics and keywords in 1 report. This means he will put in daily manual work so you don’t have to. View listed well.

Pricing starts at €249 / m, depending on your needs. We make a custom plan based on your situation.

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We will send you a custom quote within 8 hours.